Shiksha Ratna Award


About Shiksha Ratna Award

The Shiksha Ratna Award is not merely a form of acknowledgement, but rather a tribute to the enthusiasm, commitment, and inventive mindset that educators contribute to the forefront of the educational process. Within the broader context of education, this distinction serves as a prestigious mark of recognition for individuals who have displayed exceptional dedication and outstanding performance in their esteemed field.

A Tribute to Educational Heroes:

Teachers play a unique role in shaping students' personalities and minds, weaving them into the fabric of life. The Shiksha Ratna Award is a means to honour these trailblazing educators for all they do to cultivate students' brains, inculcate values, and encourage the kind of curiosity that drives innovation.




Award Categories

Elevating Education: Recognizing Excellence through The Best Professor Award

Experience the heights of academic excellence with "Elevating Education: Recognizing Excellence through The Best Professor Award." This recognition addresses the urgent necessity to acknowledge educators who surpass traditional norms. This award recognizes individuals who surpass subject competence and embrace innovative teaching methods, making a lasting impact on student growth in a dynamic educational environment. Join us in recognizing these exceptional educators who profoundly influence the educational journey and inspire a dedication to continuous learning.

Academic Brilliance:

The Best Professor Award is a shining example of how to recognize and reward exceptional teaching. A culture of excellence is fostered within the academic community through careful selection, which not only recognizes subject mastery but also innovative teaching methods and their transformative impact on student growth.

Motivation and Inspiration:

Beyond mere recognition, this award serves as a catalyst for growth and development in the laureate and their contemporaries. By recognizing exceptional teachers, the award fosters an aspirational culture, which in turn motivates teachers to develop themselves and gives students inspiration to follow in their footsteps.

Enhancing Institutional Reputation:

By highlighting the excellence of the faculty at the receiving institution, the Best Professor Award significantly contributes to the enhancement of the reputation of the university as a whole. Prospective students, teachers, and stakeholders are drawn to it because it demonstrates a dedication to academic quality. In addition to enhancing institutional pride, the award helps to improve the institution's reputation within the academic world at large.


Categories for Shiksha Ratna Award

Category Title Objectives Documents Required
Teaching and Learning Excellence Guru Shreshta (Master Educator) Recognizing educators who have demonstrated outstanding skills in teaching, fostering a positive learning environment, and making a significant impact on the academic development of students.
  1. Teaching portfolio (Pedagogy, classroom Management)
  2. Student Testimonials
  3. Educational Achievements
Experience and Contribution Shiksha Samarth (Education Enabler) Acknowledging individuals with substantial experience and a commendable contribution to the field of education, including mentorship, curriculum development, and support for educational initiatives.
  1. Resume/CV (Years of Experience)
  2. Letters of Recommendation
Research and Innovation in Education Vidya Anveshak (Education Innovator) Honoring educators who have made notable contributions to research and innovation in education, including the development of innovative teaching methods, educational technology, and pedagogical approaches.
  1. Research Publications
  2. Awards Received

General Eligibility for Shiksha Ratna Award:

Educational Background:

Candidates should have a background of at least five years of experience in education.

Exemplary Contributions:

Candidates should demonstrate a consistent track record of exceptional contributions that are in line with the specified category:

  • For the achievement of Teaching and Learning Excellence (Guru Shreshta), a proven history of exceptional teaching abilities, fostering a positive learning environment, and making a substantial impact on students' academic growth.
  • Shiksha Samarth seeks individuals with significant experience and outstanding contributions to education, such as mentorship, curriculum development, and support for educational projects.
  • For Research and Innovation in Education (Vidya Anveshak), is dedicated to making significant contributions to research and innovation in education, namely in the areas of new teaching methods, educational technology, and pedagogical approaches.
  • Documentation:
  • A detailed curriculum vitae (CV) outlining relevant work experience and accomplishments should be submitted.
  • Recommendations from colleagues, supervisors, or interested parties praising the nominee's pedagogical achievements.
  • Recommendations from colleagues, supervisors, or interested parties praising the nominee's pedagogical achievements.
  • Dedication to Continual Improvement:

    Individuals being considered for this position should demonstrate a strong desire to improve their skills and knowledge over time and keep up with the latest developments in their chosen industries.

    Alignment with Award Objectives:

    Nominees must explicitly showcase how their efforts correspond to the objectives of the particular Shiksha Ratna Award category for which they are nominated.


    General Procedure

    1. Nomination Submission: Educational institutions or individuals have the opportunity to submit nominations for people who are deserving.
    2. Nominee Acceptance: Nominees are required to acknowledge their nominations and give consent for the review process.
    3. Documentation Submission: Nominees are required to submit a thorough application package, which should include resumes, teaching portfolios, student testimonials, letters of recommendation, research papers, and any other pertinent documentation.
    4. The nominations are reviewed by a dedicated selection committee consisting of experienced educators and professionals, who assess them based on the set criteria.
    5. Initial Screening: The committee performs an initial screening to verify that nominees satisfy the basic eligibility requirements
    6. In-depth Assessment: Finalists are subjected to a comprehensive review process that is based on the specific criteria associated with the corresponding Shiksha Ratna Award category.
    7. Final Selection: The ultimate decision is determined by considering the thorough reviews, recommendations, and endorsements.
    8. Winners are notified of their selection for the Shiksha Ratna Award.
    9. An award ceremony is held to formally acknowledge and commemorate the accomplishments of the recipients of the Shiksha Ratna Award.
    10. Public Announcement: The names and accomplishments of the recipients are publicly disclosed, emphasizing their contributions to education.