General Procedure

  1. Nomination Submission: Educational institutions or individuals have the opportunity to submit nominations for people who are deserving.
  2. Nominee Acceptance: Nominees are required to acknowledge their nominations and give consent for the review process.
  3. Documentation Submission: Nominees are required to submit a thorough application package, which should include resumes, teaching portfolios, student testimonials, letters of recommendation, research papers, and any other pertinent documentation.
  4. The nominations are reviewed by a dedicated selection committee consisting of experienced educators and professionals, who assess them based on the set criteria.
  5. Initial Screening: The committee performs an initial screening to verify that nominees satisfy the basic eligibility requirements
  6. In-depth Assessment: Finalists are subjected to a comprehensive review process that is based on the specific criteria associated with the corresponding Shiksha Ratna Award category.
  7. Final Selection: The ultimate decision is determined by considering the thorough reviews, recommendations, and endorsements.
  8. Winners are notified of their selection for the Shiksha Ratna Award.
  9. An award ceremony is held to formally acknowledge and commemorate the accomplishments of the recipients of the Shiksha Ratna Award.
  10. Public Announcement: The names and accomplishments of the recipients are publicly disclosed, emphasizing their contributions to education.